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Great Course Materials

52 videos lessons. Nearly every lesson has as an accompanying PDF. Reading those PDFs alone will give you a great education on Rhythm. Easy to follow and professionally designed.

Advanced Players Too!

This course is for you too! Although the early lessons may sound simple and basic, they rapidly advance to a point that will catapult your learning. You'll develop a sense of rhythm that is tied to your body.

Beginners Welcome!

Only basic skills required to start this course. Do you have a guitar? Do you know how to hold it? Can you play a couple of chords? You're on the internet, right?

By the Time You're Done...

You'll be able to understand rhythm. You'll be able to read it. You'll be able to write it. You'll be able to play along with people in a rhythmic fashion. You'll understand the traditional sense of time signature and meter.

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