• Keith M

    “I wish I had all this information earlier in life but I’m definitely getting a lot out of this course now. I really want to nail down my rhythm playing and, based on what I’ve seen so far, this course will help me get there.” - Keith M

  • Nathan

    “I cannot stress enough how much this course is needed in the guitar community! There are so many people in the guitar teaching community who don’t teach this stuff, which is a disservice to guitar players. I’m only on lesson 1, but that alone-plus looking at what’s ahead-I can already tell that this is going to be good. If you play guitar, or want to play guitar, this is a great course for you.” - Nathan

  • Peter

    “I am only up to lesson 10, but this is already the most useful course I have ever taken! No-one ever teaches the concepts of Rhythm. For most, Rhythm is the thing you do while waiting do do your solo. But it is the rhythm that makes the music. No teacher ever showed me the options to strum or accent the guitar, and what that has to do with rhythm patterns. Thank you Jake!.” - Peter

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