Rhythm Guitar Couse Includes

The Rhythm Guitar Course Lessons Include:

Videos, PDFs and MP3s to support the following lessons:

  Lesson Topic   Lesson Topic
1 The Basics 27 Sixteenth Notes
2 Exercise – The Basics 28 Using The Hands 2
3 Eighth Notes 29 Dotted Eighth Notes + Tresillo
4 Exercise – Eighth Notes 30 Sixteenth Note Permutations
5 Accents 31 Barre Chords Tips + Advice
6 Downbeats Upbeats Syncopation 32 Muted Strums
7 Exercise- Accents and Syncopation 33 Exercise- Funk Strumming
8 Using The Hands 34 Exercise- Acoustic Guitar Strumming
9 Palm Mutes 35 3/4 and 6/8 Time Signatures
10  Upstrokes + Strumming Technique 36 Rhythmic Relativity / Tempo Markings
11 Changing Chords Faster 37 8th Note Triplet Groupings
12 The Rhythm Grid 38 12/8 and Shuffle Feel
13 Alternate Strumming Technique 39 Compound Meters / Simple Meters 
14 Ties 40 Polymeter and 3 against 4
15 Exercise – Ties 41 Odd Time Signatures
16 Dotted Notes 42 Exercise – Odd Time Signatures
17 Exercise – Dotted Notes 43 Alternative Counting + Konnakol
18 Syncopated Chord Changes 44 Learning Rhythms By Ear
19 Rests  45 Slow Triplets
20 Stacatto, Crescendo, Anacrusis 46 Polyrhythm
21 Exercise- Stacatto, Crescendo, Anacrusis 47 Tuplets
22 Arpeggios 48 32nd notes
23 Playing Off Chord Sheets 49 Metric Modulation
24 Exercise – Playing Off Chord Sheets 50 Truncated Polymeter
25 Playing off Chords + Lyrics 51 Playing To  A Drummer
26 Rhythm For Lead Guitar 52 Rhythm Guitar Outro

Go to my website signalsmusicstudio.com and create a free account, if you haven’t already, then click on courses and find my rhythm guitar training course. – Jake Lizzio

founder From there you can enter your own price and begin your studies. This course is actually worth the same amount as any college course or multiple months of real in-person guitar lessons so if you can’t afford that please pay that, I understand that not everybody can afford those rates and I really don’t want to disqualify anybody from learning music just because they don’t have money. So this is the honor system, pay what you can, within reason, without financially stressing yourself.


Additional Testimonials

Being familiar with Jake’s videos, I had very very high expectations of his new course on rhythm. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not very far along in the course work, but Jake is teaching this from the ground up presented in a plain and understandable manner. If you are on the fence about purchasing his course then take my word, as well as the word from others. You will be pleased.


Working Man


2 days into the course and I’m unlocking things that my brain has always stumbled on. Most online teachers ramble through their thoughts with random demos where you pause the video and try to imitate, but these are pro lessons – concise concepts, clear delivery, with exercises prepared and ready to follow along, and handouts for self-study. The kind of teacher I’ve always wanted.


Working Man

Working Man

One of the most imperative yet, mostly underestimated, ignored, and overseen aspects of learning music – Rhythm. Thank you for this course.




I was impressed by all of Jake’s Youtube video. Obviously this course is no different. This is probably the best rhythm course I have ever come across. I already start to feel the progress by exactly following his instructions. Thanks for putting this together.



Rhythm Guitar

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